Artist's Snow Portraits Of Celebrities Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Artist's Snow Portraits Of Celebrities Are Taking The Internet By Storm
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Updated 4 months ago

As strong storms continue to plow through Great Britain, one man is turning all that white into beautiful works of art. Nathan Wyburn used the heavy snowfall on Friday and Saturday to turn his rooftop and a nearby playground into a canvas. What he created is incredible.

First up was, appropriately, a portrait of the character Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Speaking to indy100, Wyburn explained his inspiration for snow art:

I like to comment on things through art as they happen so the snow was a big topical story at that moment.

Art on snow is temporary, of course, but that doesn't bother Wyburn :

It was a nice way of celebrating snow day, we don’t get it very often and it’s a bit different from the usual snowmen. I used a flat surface and scraped the snow so I could reveal the ground underneath and then used some spray paint for the finer details. I see it as part of the beauty of it - we live in a fast lived culture, and celebrities come and go and things come and go and they’re kind of throw away as well.

Snow isn't the only thing Wyburn has used to create art. This talented young man has used his lips, paint balls, food, and even the tip of an ice skate blade. 

Adam Rippon made with an ice skate blade:

Brooklyn Beckham using coffee:

A portrait in lipstick kisses for Alyssa Edwards:

And in a statement if favor of gun law changes, a portrait of Donald Trump made with shots from a paintball gun:

People are loving and responding to Wyburn's work in a big way:

If you would like to see more of Wyburn's art, check out his show reel. 

H/T: Indy100