Bizarre "Seen On Public Transportation" Tweets Got Us Asking Lots Of Questions.

Bizarre "Seen On Public Transportation" Tweets Got Us Asking Lots Of Questions.
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By Tom.
Updated 4 months ago

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just travel in the lap of luxury? Let's all go first class by train, plane, automobile, or even camel. One of the best parts of traveling is the company you keep, or so you think. In this day and age it is shocking (APPALLING) and bewildering as to how people will travel AND what they will travel with. 

Citizens of the world were caught on Twitter traveling around with some odd accessories that really led to some questions. 

Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

The things one will see... or never be able to 'unsee' on public transport are astounding. 

This guy brought his own seat.

Ole McDonald needs transport too.

Well if you're going to eat, you should share. Sharing is caring. 

Of course when you're really paying attention traveling with strangers can lead to true love. :) Sandra Bullock said so!

Sometimes an odd musical interlude can bring us all together.

Funny life tip, a plane is not a laundry mat. Some people weren't aware. 

Those taxpayer dollars are hard at word which means... public transport will be awhile. So find stimulation where you can.

Sorry Sir, you may not sit on my lap. 

Adam Rippon is that you boo?

Well we all can't travel with fine cutlery and china. 

Sometimes there just are no words. 

Public transport can also be the best place to window shop and steal fashions. 

Thank God for Uber... at least we can order traveling in peace.  For the most part. Don't Uber share. 

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