Weird Al Yankovic Just Released A Polka Version Of 'Hamilton,' And It's About Time

Weird Al Yankovic Just Released A Polka Version Of 'Hamilton,' And It's About Time
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4 months ago

The principal architect of our childhoods has given unto us another holy missive.

Because he truly loves us and wants us to be happy, Weird Al collaborated with Lin-Manuel Miranda and dropped  "the Hamilton Polka". Let's get to it. You deserve to listen to this without any more preamble. 


Now the backstory - Hamilton defined our pop culture narrative in 2016 so definitively that Lin-Manuel Miranda put together the stunning Hamilton Mixtape last year. Pop superstars singing musical numbers (or, in fairness, musical numbers from a very specific musical) seemed to touch a chord and again L-MM dominated the Billboard charts, leaving fans thirsty for more. Rather than a second volume of the Hamilton Mixtape, Lin has been touring the depths of pop culture for his monthly Hamildrops, unreleased and new material written by Lin and recorded by the best of the best. Last month was The Decembrists' scathing "Ben Franklin Song".

This month, however, features forty-year veteran and National Treasure Weird Al Yankovic, and we're not sure how life can get any better from here. 

Again, because the world is occasionally amazing, Lin and Wierd Al are actually buds. 

Naturally, the world let out one long accordion note of joy. 

Even Peggy would be on board with this.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly