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Eugene Grant at the National Children and Adult Services conference 2012, Screenshot from The Guardian
Activist's Twitter Rant About The Kind Of Language People With Dwarfism Face Goes Viral
2 months ago

Misinformation and rudeness abound when addressing or referring to people with dwarfism. This week Twitter users got a lesson on the sensitive subject from writer and activist for the Restricted Growth Association (RGA) Eugene Grant — and it went far beyond the do's and don'ts of nomenclature to reveal a deeper perspective and offer food for thought.

It all began with this tweet:

For some people, this was new information:

The tweet led many to wonder what the correct term for people with dwarfism is:

Grant had a lot of insights on the subject. Everyone should read the full thread to help those with dwarfism not feel marginalized. 

Here are some highlights:

People were grateful for Grant's perspective: