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Heartbroken 'The Walking Dead' Mourning Tweets Have Us Feeling A Certain Way

Heartbroken 'The Walking Dead' Mourning Tweets Have Us Feeling A Certain Way
By Tom.
Updated 3 months ago

The AMC mega-hit 'The Walking Dead' began the second half of it's 8th season last Sunday and they decided to head into spring of 2018 with blood, tears and a bang! 

If you're a fan of the show and have been holding out for viewing... STOP READING NOW!! 

The character of Carl Grimes, played by actor Chandler Riggs, was struck down with a zombie bite which sealed his young fate, leading him to take his own life for the greater good before he could become a bloodthirsty menace. Carl is the son of the show's lead, Rick Grimes (played by the studly Andrew Lincoln.

The character's fate left fans beyond bereft and they took to social media to mourn. 

Don't hold back, get your tissues and call your therapist I did! 

Of course this isn't the first death to send fans into a tizzy. The show is about life, it's abrupt ending and the eternal battle for survival, casualties are a must for good drama.

Even after all that carnage this particular corporeal departure seems to be hitting the hardest!

Some viewers still aren't emotionally prepared to watch. (That's why you watch with vodka!) 

After 8 seasons it's like losing family. Sometimes you just have to feel it. 

It's going to be an arduous road to recovery for fans. Rest well young warrior! And let's not forget the person who brought Carl to life and has to mourn him most. 

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