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These Before And After Photos Of Dogs Up For Adoption Have Our Hearts Swelling

These Before And After Photos Of Dogs Up For Adoption Have Our Hearts Swelling
Updated 3 months ago

Pretty much everyone loves puppers. They're fluffy little lovemuffins, they guard us, they help save our lives - they're nature's chosen BFF for humanity. So it's our job to treat them right. 

When a pup is in need of a fur-ever home, the luckiest among us get to give them cuddles for five-ever. Adoption is literally a life saver for dogs all over, and it shows when you look at before and after pics! 

We collected some of our favorites to share with you. Brace yourselves for maximum adorable impact, otherwise you might get:  

1. This baby, who's putting that new bed to good use. 

We don't know how long this dog went without a cozy bed, but from the looks of it this is the most appreciated bed in the history of  bed-hood. Is that a word? It is now. 

2. What are we celebrating today? EVERYTHING!

You know that one house in the neighborhood that goes all out and is super jazzed for holidays you didn't even know existed? If that house were a dog, it would be this one. We bet this pup would give out full sized candy bars on Halloween. 

3. Kaylee is working those ears; she knows she looks good.

So, you know every ancient statue of Anubis? Yeah, they got nothing on Kaylee. Such majesty. Very wow.

4. Nono, Hazel, don't bother to get up. Just smile for the camera!

If you don't know anything about bully breeds, you might think of them as aggressive or even dangerous. Truth is, they mostly exist like Hazel here - perpetually stuck in goofball pancake mode. 

5. Pillow is such a perfect name.

Initially we were a little bit upset that the owners didn't go with "Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man" but then we realized that's a lot to get out when you're trying to get a lazy dog to get off of your pillow. Oh wait; Pillow. Yup. Perfect. 

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6. This perfect pittie got a serious pupgrade!

We know that this "before" pic can be a little hard to look at, but that "after" has us stunned. It's like this little one's fairy pupmother was Beagle-yonce and she came down like "Lemme upgrade ya!" 

7. Brutus was eating from the trash, now he's lounging on the beach.

#PitBullDiva ... 'nuff said.

8. This baby's fur grew back! We're not crying about it or anything... 

Things start out kind of tragic, but in the end this dog looks like a mogwai. Now we know where Gizmo has been hiding all these years.

9. Freedom (and that luxurious mane) look good on this pupper!

We haven't seen hair this good since the last Pantene Pro-V commercial we saw. So, like, 15 whole minutes ago!

10. This fluff looked so sad before! 

*cleansing breaths while scrambling for a box of tissues* Is someone playing Sarah McLachlan again? 

11. This big boy got a new best friend.

Is there anything more pure in this world than a kid and their dog? Yes. A kid and their dog rocking the latest fall fashion.

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12. Someone beefed up.

A breed this big shouldn't be as thin as this baby was. With time, tlc, and a lot of snacks, it looks like someone has gone from skin and bones to fluffy and toned. 

13. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

We can't deal. You'll have to excuse us. We need a moment with all this cute.

14. All smiles!

This is Lulu. Lulu is amazing and has her own Instagram. You know what to do. 

15. The journey was so worth it.

It takes a lot to do right by a rescue pup sometimes, but wow are they worth the effort. Say hi to Jack. 


If you thought only our furry friends had their lives improved by adoption, you thought wrong. Fur or feathers, they all do better. 

The next time you find yourself thinking about a pet, consider adoption before you turn to a pet store.

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