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Twitter Is Devastated After Learning Their Favorite 'Queer Eye' Couple Isn't Back Together

In 2003, the Bravo channel launched the original series Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and it was an immediate hit. Viewers loved the kindness and common ground the original Fab Five shared with their "straight guy" projects.

Now the show is back and better than ever with a new queer crew and a bunch of straight guys in need of help. In the premiere episode, viewers met Tom Jackson of Dallas, Georgia, a sweetheart of a guy who said about himself, "You can't fix ugly." The Fab Five weren't having any of that, and they set about giving Tom a makeover. Along with a new look and new decor, they also beefed up Tom's confidence. 

One thing Tom doesn't lack is a giant heart filled with love. He was open with the Fab Five, telling them about his feelings for Abby, his ex-wife whom he never stopped loving. At the end of the episode viewers were left wondering if the two managed to get back together.

We were all rooting for Tom and Abby:

Look at how adorable they are. Of course they're together now, right?

Even Queer Eye was pulling for them:

And then this happened:

But then something magical happened. Love started pouring in for Tom. First from his daughter...

... and then from the rest of the world:


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