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Zoran Milich via Getty Images
Starbucks Is Now Testing An Additional 'Takeout Coffee Cup' Fee For Paper Cups
2 months ago

 Starbucks is starting a new three month trail to see if they cut back on the amount of waste from takeout cups. The idea that began in the British Parliament as a "latte levy" would charge customers 5 pence (about .07 cents American) on every hot coffee ordered to go in a takeout cup.

The idea is that the cost is minimal to customer but will act as a reminder to bring in recyclable cups. The latte test will last for three months and Starbucks has announced that they will share their finding with outside parties to see what the next steps may be in trying to reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills. 

The reason hot coffee drink cups are not recyclable is that the polyethylene coating is extremely difficult to remove from the cardboard. 

This isn't the first time Starbucks has tried to be environmentally friendly. Since 2008 the java company has offered a 35-cent discount for any customer who brings in their own cup. Last year, they raised the discount to 70-cents. Unfortunately it hasn't had the desired  results with only 1.8 percent of customers participating.

Many welcomed the attempt for change. 

Others weren't convinced it was enough to make a difference. 

We will all have to wait and see when the results come in.