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These Hyper-Realistic Paintings Have Us Doubting Our Own Eyes
3 months ago

You've heard of the phrase "art imitating life," but what happens when art becomes so realistic that you can no longer distinguish between the two?

Since the 1970s, 'Hyperrealism' has been a movement within visual art that seeks to use painting, drawing or sculpture to recreate images in such photorealistic detail that the viewer wonders whether it's really just a photograph.   

Take this stunning painting by Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumides:

And more where that came from on Instagram:

Title. Expurgation. 120cm by 135 cm . Oil on canvas.

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The Play time 1 . Oil on canvas

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Similar Stylings by Ayogu Kingsley:

Nigeria is really killing it on the hyper-realism front.  Here's Silas Onoja:

Ken Nwadiogbu:

Ayo Filade:

And Ikechukwu Nnadi:

And then there's this, which is somehow NOT an old photograph (by Christelle Bilodeau):

And this, which looks like it could totally be your back yard (by Allan O'Marra):

You might want to ask her about Hogwarts, but weirdly, she's just a sketch (by Samantha Messias):

I don't even know what this is but HOW IS IT A PAINTING (by Nacho Rodr Izquierdo):

STILL not a photo, as much as David Finnigan would like us to believe:

And Olamide Ogunade:

And Vanita Barany:

AND Dhiman Roy:

Maybe it's just time to lay back and accept it, we will never be as talented as Brig Courbet-Manet:

And hey, here's Nacho Rodr Izquierdo again just to drive it home that some people are more talented than we will ever be:

Well, at least we can easily eat a cookie, and go on with our lives while Tjalf Sparnaay and friends keep astounding us with their skills.

-Munches cookie with no regrets-

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