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Blind And Deaf Soccer Fan Gets An Incredible Play-By-Play Thanks To His Friend

Twitter was moved this weekend by videos posted of two friends from Columbia who attended a Barcelona-Girona football match (soccer in the U.S.) on Saturday. Using a personalized sign language system, and a miniature wooden playing field, César Daza delivers an exciting play-by-play of what's happening in the game to his blind and deaf friend José Richard. Their excitement over the game is palpable, as is the feeling of friendship between the two of them.

Watching them in action is nothing short of amazing:

Here's a close-up of the board they used:

Richard even got to meet some of the players at the game, including Colombian defender Yerry Mina. 

Here's a longer video showing Daza and Richard together before, during, and after the game:

Whether it brought a smile or induced a few tears, watching the two interact brightened many people's days:

Faith in humanity: restored.

Others shared their own experiences with the hearing impaired:

It just goes to show that it's small things like this that show the good in people:

H/T: Twitter