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Gus Kenworthy's Latest Tweet About Korean Dog Farm Conditions Sparks A Touchy Debate

Gus Kenworthy's Latest Tweet About Korean Dog Farm Conditions Sparks A Touchy Debate
Updated 3 months ago

Olympic skier, queer icon, heartthrob, and man you'd love to bring home to mom Gus Kenworthy has been in PyeongChang, South Korea, to compete in the Winter Olympic Games. 

On Friday, Kenworthy went to a local dog farm and tweeted about the experience:

The number of dog farms he references is in line with the Humane Society International's estimate. 

A December 2017 article states:

At the Namyangju farm, dogs including golden retrievers, spaniels, beagles, greyhounds as well as Korean jindos and mastiffs, were being kept in filthy and deprived conditions, spending their whole lives in rows of barren wire cages, exposed to the elements and with no veterinary care whatsoever. HSI found many of the dogs suffering from eye infections, skin disease, as well as painful leg and paw sores from endless days of standing and sitting on thin wire mesh. Their fate would have been to be killed by electrocution at the local market or slaughterhouse and made into a spicy soup called bosintang, but instead they’ve been saved by HSI as part of the charity’s campaign to see an end to the brutal dog meat trade.

They go on to explain that despite the size of the industry, dog farming is extremely controversial, even within South Korea, and most don't eat dog meat. Even the current South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, owns a dog that was rescued from one of these farms.

Some people pointed out that these factory farming conditions are nothing new:

Which quickly got this response from Kenworthy:

Others jumped in to defend Kenworthy:

And Jake Steiner, a journalist for AP Sports, told us that Kenworthy was considering rescuing one of the pups:

We soon found out from People that indeed he did. For anyone interested in how they can help the situation in South Korea, the Humane Society International has some handy links.

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