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Conservative Makes Racially Insensitive Comment About Republican Michael Steele
3 months ago

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is in full swing this week. The event is known for liberal bashing but this time around one of their own seemed to be the target. On Friday night, there was a dinner honoring the patron saint of the Republican Party, President Reagan. 

According to New York Magazine, it was there that the Director of Communications for CPAC, Ian Walters said:

We elected Mike Steele as chairman because he was a black guy, that was the wrong thing to do.

Apparently the dinner guests gasped, not only because the comments were so off color, but because Michael Steele was waiting in the wings. Steele served as head of the RNC from 2009-2011 before he was voted out in favor of Reince Priebus prior to the 2012 election. The comments made by Walters are the latest in the GOP's shift away from at least paying lip service to inclusion.

Steele responded by telling The Observer:

If he feels that way I’d like him to come say that to my face. And then I’d like him to look at my record and see what I did. I can’t believe an official of CPAC would go onstage in front of an audience and say something like that. I’ve been a strong supporter of CPAC for many years and I thought they raised them better than that here.

People were quick to say they felt this reflected the state of the party at large:

Some tried to defend Walters:

Of course, the reason Michael Steele's taxes should be audited and what he would be prosecuted for doesn't seem to be clear, and this person seems to lack basic understanding of how our legal system works.

Luckily, it seemed that at least one conservative had their head on straight:

And this person probably nailed it:

Steele got plenty of support from Twitter users:

Maybe Republicans who deplore this kind of behavior will wake up and grasp that this is what their party has become.

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