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Photo by Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
The 'Parks And Rec' Crew Just Dragged The NRA For Tweeting A GIF Of Leslie Knope

We're not entirely sure who was the genius over at the NRA who thought thanking spokesperson Dana Loesch -- who, by the way, was totally owned by high school student Emma Garcia last night -- for appearing at the CNN town hall discussion on gun control, by tweeting a GIF of long time gun reform activist Amy Poehler as Parks and Recreation's character Leslie Knope. 

This just has "terrible idea" written all over it:

It didn't take long for P&R's cast and creators to respond to the NRA.

And as you might expect, they did not hold back:

The NRA tweet had people scratching their heads at the stupidity:

People made it clear they wanted the NRA to stay away from their beloved Leslie!

Good advice:

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