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Students' 'Never Again' Protest March Draws Massive Crowds To Florida's Capitol

Students' 'Never Again' Protest March Draws Massive Crowds To Florida's Capitol
Updated 3 months ago

Since the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, there have been ten major school shootings in the U.S. that have killed a total of 122 people. This doesn't include domestic terrorism incidents like the October 2017 Las Vegas massacre, in which 58 people were killed, or the Pulse nightclub shooting in June 2016, which left 49 dead. Despite these horrific numbers, little has been done to curb gun violence. 

Since last week's massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, survivors have banded together, spoken out, and organized in a way we haven't seen in decades. Students planned a massive protest in Tallahassee on Wednesday, determined to convince Republican Governor Rick Scott to pass gun control legislation. The day was well documented.

Students met early in the morning to begin the nearly seven-hour journey to the capital:

By noon, there were already thousands of people at the capitol building:

Videos showed the young students, most of whom can't yet vote, making their voices heard in the face of personal tragedy:

Students made powerful speeches:

And the protests spilled out into the streets:

Protest signs called for major change:

And as legislators ended their floor session, they were greeted by these chants:

The students protesters received massive support:

A few people pointed out the wisdom of some old lyrics:

And many predicted trouble for politicians in the NRA's pocket:

Sophie made this wise point:

And this person was all of us:

Keep on fighting, kids!

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