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After Study Proves Effectiveness Of Anti-Depressants, People Open Up About How #MedsWorkedForMe

The question has long been a source of controversy: do antidepressants work? Many wellness industry gurus would have us believe they don't. After all, they'd like to sell alternative solutions like exercise, meditation, retreats, teas, herbs — the list goes on. And those things may very well lift some people's moods, but they don't disprove the efficacy of prescription medications. Now, a six-year study published in The Lancet on Wednesday proves that yes, anti-depressants are extremely effective.

The Guardian published an article covering the study, also on Wednesday, in which they report:

The study published in the Lancet took six years ... and included all the published and unpublished data that the scientists could find. It was carried out by a team of international experts. They looked at results after eight weeks of more than 500 trials involving either a drug versus placebo or comparing two different medicines.

And the conclusion was unequivocal:

Antidepressants work better than placebo.

Holly Brockwell, a journalist for Gadgette, The Guardian, and Gizmodo, among others, responded to the findings with a personal account.

Brockwell started the hashtag #MedsWorkedForMe:

Other people quickly joined in, sharing their stories of how medications helped them:

Some just appreciated how this was tackling mental health stigma head-on:

There is no shame in taking medication for depression or anxiety, nor is their shame in having depression or anxiety. I have been on Klonopin, Wellbutrin, and Zoloft at different points in my life, and they helped me immensely. And while I currently don't take medication, they got me through times in my life that may have been impossible otherwise. Tackling these issues is a form of self love. #MedsWorkedForMe

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