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Gucci Models Walk The Milan Runway Holding Unsettling Replicas Of Their Own Heads

It seems Italian designer Alessandro Michele took a page out of the Kathy Griffin book of controversy when he sent models down the runway holding replicas of their own severed heads. During Milan's Fashion Week, the Gucci show stood out as being forward thinking, and a bit creepy. Instead of a traditional runway, models cruised through an operating room that looked like it jumped off the screen of an old horror film.

The collection was called "Cyborg," a fitting name that makes us wonder if Michele is part mad scientist.

Vogue Magazine reported that the fake heads took more than six months to create. It was a collaboration between Michele and Rome-based special effects company Makinarium. Severed heads weren't the only surprise in the surgical room. 

Some models sported horns, a third eye, and carried props including baby dragons and snakes. 

Many people on social media thought Michele should have thrown Griffin a hat tip.

Others thought it was just way too much. 

But plenty of people loved it.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter