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Margot Robbie's Freaky Story About An Encounter With A Python As A Teen Is Peak Australia
3 months ago

Golden Globe and Academy Award-nominated actress Margot Robbie is no stranger to creepy crawlers. Growing up on a farm in Queensland, Australia, Robbie certainly saw her fair share of critters, including snakes, that apparently had no problem coming in and out of her house. Robbie appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently and shared the story of the time her mother was nearly strangled by a snake.

Apparently Robbie ignored her mom because she didn't want to stop chatting on MSN.

It seems her mother had found a rather large python in the house and called out for Robbie to help her remove it. Being a typical teenager, Robbie blew off her mom. After a bit of time went by, it seemed a little too quiet, and the girl went looking for her mother. She found her with large python wrapped around her arm and moving toward her neck. After getting the snake off her mother, Robbie vowed to not be such a brat.

You can watch Robbie tell the story herself in the clip below. 

People were crossing Australia off their bucket lists:

Some people seemed more afraid of Robbie's hairdo:

But most folks couldn't believe how she stayed so calm:

We should all make a vow right now that if our mom's struggling with a python we will put down our phone and help!