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Twitter Is Trying To Figure Out How The Olympics' Skeleton Got Its Name
3 months ago

Ah, the Olympics. We love to watch the figure skating, snowboarding, skiing, the luge — and the luge's twisted cousin, the skeleton. For those who don't know, the luge is a single person sledding event that involves the athlete lying on their back on a sled, feet first, and reaching speeds of up to 100 mph with only a helmet for protection. Skeleton is the same thing except lying on your stomach and going head first. It's hard to imagine what would inspire someone to dedicate their lives to having their face inches from ice moving past them at incredible speed, but people do. The skeleton event at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics began on Friday.

It left people with a lot of questions:

Others were all explanations:

But Stephen thought this explanation only brought up more questions...

And Sam quickly became an expert:

We don't know how someone gets into this sport but we know we can't look away.

H/T: Twitter