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Brie Larson Of 'Captain Marvel' Just Tweeted In Support Of 'Black Panther'

Brie Larson Of 'Captain Marvel' Just Tweeted In Support Of 'Black Panther'
Updated 3 months ago

The cultural import of Black Panther cannot be overstated. It delivers not just the first mainstream film depiction of a black superhero, but an entire world of black characters living in a country unmarred by the effects of white colonialism. As someone from a different marginalized group, I cannot state emphatically enough how important it is for people to see themselves represented in stories. Black Panther is a watershed moment. 

Brie Larson, star of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, recognizing the importance of Black Panther, tweeted this on Friday:

It should be noted as well that Brie Larson's upcoming film will be the first female-led Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. So she is no stranger to the ways in which representation can shift hearts and minds.

Twitter users quickly obliged:

Larson actually got in the trenches, connecting people to get tickets in the hands of those who needed them.

There was Catherine...

And Matt...

And Sammy Paul...

And K.R. Whalen...

And many, many more. If you can spare the price of admission, head over to Brie Larson's Twitter page (specific tweet linked here), and comment with how many you can help out with! Let's get everyone who wants to see this movie into theater seats!

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