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Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images
Man's Tweet About School Shootings And Abortions Takes Internet By Storm

Every time our country suffers another mass shooting, Americans take to social media, pleading for Congress to take some sort of action in response to the epidemic of gun violence that plagues the United States. Whether it's increased gun control (as the majority of Americans call for) or additional support for mental healthcare (since the GOP often insists mental health is the cause of mass shootings), any action would be preferable to the government's usual solution: nothing. 

Los Angeles attorney Nathan W. Gabbard noticed that conservative lawmakers respect the rights of gun owners in a way other demographics can only dream of:

Gabbard's tweet earned the admiration of Twitter users everywhere:

Twitter responded with images that backed up Gabbard's point:

It seems clear where the GOP's priorities lie:

The tweet almost seemed too true to be a joke:

What will it take for Congress to protect America's students?

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