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Library Creates Genius Bookmark To Teach Students How To Spot Fake News
3 months ago

Though he's often wrong about his sources, President Trump is very right about one thing: there's a lot of fake news swirling around the internet these days. In fact, the problem has become so prevalent that many teachers are taking extra steps to ensure their students can tell which news is fake and which is real.

For instance, Reddit user soldier4hire was at his local library when he noticed a unique bookmark.

Arming their readers with knowledge, the library was distributing some awesome advice: when reading an article online, check the headline, author, and URL. Look at fact-checking sites like Politifact and Snopes to ensure the story's authenticity. Compare it to other reliable sources.

Other Redditors were definitely on board:

Fake news is very easy to spread, but we can stop it.

Even if just one person learns to avoid fake news, the bookmarks will have been a success.

Headlines can be pretty misleading sometimes...

But at least we all agree on one thing:

Thank you for everything you do, librarians! We should all listen to them and be smarter about what we read.