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The Smashing Pumpkins Have Added An Unexplained Countdown Clock To Their Website
3 months ago

Lovers of '90s alt-rock, brace yourselves. It's quite possible the day after Valentine's Day is about to get substantially more awesome. It's already discount-chocolate day, so it might as well be a national holiday. What could possibly make it any better? For that, we turn to the Smashing Pumpkins. They've added a countdown clock to their website with no real explanation. Rumor has it, there will be a major announcement when the timer runs down on Thursday. 

And fans are all like: 

Will the announcement be a new tour? A new album? A confession of how much the band members really like cheese? The Smashing Pumpkins actually smashing pumpkins? We have no idea.

The internet took a few cracks at it, though.

Most expert sites and groups agree the clock is probably going to announce a new album. 

The band has been doing some offbeat promotional stuff, like having fans spot and share pictures of a Smashing Pumpkins ice cream truck:

And leaked images show photo shoots of most of the original lineup. You may remember Darcy, the beautiful blonde badass bass player who clashed with Billy repeatedly over the years. She is seemingly not involved, based on the images. Until Thursday, though, nobody has any real answers.

Until then, we know excited fans will be running around like: 

And we won't judge you for it even a little bit. See you guys on Thursday when the clock ticks down!

H/T: Twitter, UpRoxx