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New Snapchat Lenses That Let You Visit Tesla's Spaceman And 'Pickle Rick' Are A Hit

New Snapchat Lenses That Let You Visit Tesla's Spaceman And 'Pickle Rick' Are A Hit
Updated 3 months ago

Snapchat has got something new up its sleeve and it is a totally immersive experience. The mobile app has teamed up with SVRF, a start-up tech company that specializes in content dealing with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These components were added to the Snapchat collection of filters and lenses, allowing users to teleport to space with Tesla's Spaceman and experience "Pickle Rick" from Rick and Morty!

The new portals are so entertaining, how could they not go viral? They even brought back a crowd of people who abandoned the app for a good amount of time. 

Cesar Kuriyama, founder of the app, 1 Second Everyday,  said that it revitalized his Snapchat use. 

 "As someone who isn't on Snapchat, I opened up Snapchat for the first time in two years because these portals are so d*** cool," 

People love the new lenses so much, the play on "Pickle Rick" from Rick and Morty already has over a million views and counting on Snapchat. It's no surprise because before it was made, people were demanding it existed. 

SVRF CEO and founder Sophia Dominguez talked about the journey of getting this technology to Snapchat and how she is pleased with the positive response from users. 

 "An early version of SVRF was StumbleUpon of VR. After testing we realized people would want to search for their next experience, like now I want to see a snowman or now I want to be in Rome. We're hearing people being like, 'Wow this is unreal. How did you do this?' But somebody did say, 'Hopefully no one is doing this on the street cause you might get run over,'" Dominguez  said. 

The portal to space is especially surreal when experiencing it on Snapchat! 

Want to visit an alternate reality? Flip on Snapchat and you're there!