The Figure Skating #ShibSibs Are Twitter's Newest Olympic Obsession

The Figure Skating #ShibSibs Are Twitter's Newest Olympic Obsession
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Updated 4 months ago

Alex and Maia Shibutani of the United States Olympic team impressed the world with a second place finish in the short dance, part of the figure skating team competition at this year's Winter Olympics. Many Twitter users expressed disbelief that two siblings could demonstrate the cooperation necessary to nail a world-class figure skating routine, but these results speak for themselves:

Leslie Jones, SNL comedian and avid Olympics fan, imagined a Jones family skating routine:

Alex and Maia have been skating together since 2004. Their performance helped Team USA win the Bronze, behind Russia and Canada. 

And Twitter users absolutely loved them:

Some fans thought the Shibs were robbed of first place. Even Alex commented: 

We’ve been accustomed to receiving stronger scores with skates that maybe weren’t even as strong as today’s, so we’ll have to go back and see what the panel saw and how they determined our scores.

Whatever the medal, however, the pair seem proud of their performance:

And Leslie Jones wasn't the only celebrity glued to the TV for their routine...

Alex and Maia will return for next week's ice dancing event. They're doing what they love at the Olympics, and grateful for their fans' support.