Experts Say That Elon Musk's Flying Space Car May Not Survive The Year

Experts Say That Elon Musk's Flying Space Car May Not Survive The Year
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4 months ago

Billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk, sent his Tesla Roadster and driver mannequin named Starman into space on Tuesday in pursuit of making interplanetary travel a reality. The car was launched into space with the help of the technologically advanced Falcon Heavy rocket, but Elon announced that the car had missed it's target of Mars and was heading towards the asteroid belt. 

Heading into a mass of swirling boulders isn't the only thing Elon should be concerned about. Experts say that the car will not last more than a year in space. 

In an interview with Live Science,  Indiana University chemist William Carroll said the car will eventually be cut up like a knife by radiation. 

 "All of the organics will be subjected to degradation by the various kinds of radiation that you will run into there. [Those materials] are made up of carbon-carbon bonds and carbon-hydrogen bonds. When you cut something with a knife, in the end, you're cutting some chemical bonds. Those organics, in that environment, I wouldn't give them a year."

Without any protection from radiation and the threat of a colliding asteroid, the scientific theory that ends the Roadster's trip may be true. People still agree that this is the coolest thing ever!

As the amazement subsided, the curiosity kicked in. 

Some people can't even believe this is happening and are even suspicious of the whole project. 

Even if the car does get sliced and diced by radiation within a year, what exciting times we live in!

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