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Here's Everything NBC Edited Out Of The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony
2 months ago

If you search "NBC Olympics fail" on Twitter, what pops up is a seemingly endless list of angry and frustrated tweets about NBC's coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics. It takes just a quick perusal of the litany of complaints — ranging from an overall lack of coverage to an overkill of commentary — to conclude the network is clearly doing a few things wrong. Often criticized for taking liberties in the editing process due to tape delay (a gap between when the live event happens and when it's shown on television), the network removed 23 minutes of this year's opening ceremony.

According to Screengrabber, here's a list of what NBC edited out:

  • Introduction montage: 1:41
  • Transitions before and after the introduction of IOC president Thomas Bach: 1:10
  • South Korean flag procession: 3:22
  • A portion of Germany’s entrance into the stadium: 0:27
  • A portion of Mexico’s entrance into the stadium: 0:07
  • A portion of Sweden’s entrance into the stadium: 0:08
  • A transition into the “dance of the future”: 0:08
  • A portion of the “dance of the future”: 3:00
  • Lee Hee-Beom’s speech: 5:16
  • A portion of Thomas Bach’s speech: 2:15
  • Olympic flag procession: 0:18
  • Taking of the Olympic oath by athletes & montage of the torch relay: 4:34

It's interesting to note that the introduction of the U.S. delegation was not trimmed at all. In fact, this part of the ceremony, which in reality took a mere sixty-two seconds, was extended to over seven minutes via loops and alternate camera angles.

Here's a sample of what people are saying about the edits on Screengrabber:

Sarcasm much?

As Screengrabber pointed out, there would have been ample time to show the opening ceremony in its entirety if NBC had not included 30 minutes of promotional material before the ceremony even started.

Not surprisingly, that was a source of viewer frustration:

People also felt talked down to: