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Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
WWE Wrestler John Cena Just Officiated A Wedding Live On TV

On Friday morning professional wrestler and television host, added wedding officiant to his growing list of career goals. A couple Jordan and Kyle from Harrisburg PA won a dream wedding to be performed on the Today Show by submitting a video. 

As the winners of the contest, every detail of the wedding was planned, from the cake, gown, and ring to the reception held at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan. 

During the ceremony Cena said: 

“I also look at this beautiful couple as someone who is about to embark on their own journey down the aisle, and I feel inspired and fortified in the knowledge that the love between two people is not only real, but it’s also magical. And when it’s true like theirs, it is the most extraordinary thing in the world.” 

People we're both surprised and living for the live wedding. 

But mostly confused. Very confused. 

All will be revealed in good time.

H/T: Uproxx, WWE