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A Police Dog Just Sniffed And Discovered A Sedated Tiger Cub In The Mail
3 months ago

You ever have those moments where you read a headline that makes you go: 

As journalists, we have stories that make us do the exact same thing. This is one of them. One little Bengal tiger cub owes it's life to a Mexican police dog. The dog, sniffing through the mail for contraband, alerted on a large blue plastic container addressed to be shipped from one state in Mexico to another. When officials opened the container, they were met with newspaper clippings... and a big pair of amber-colored eyes looking back at them. 

It was a tiger cub. Someone sent a sedated tiger cub in the mail, you guys. (For our reaction, please see previous GIF)

The cub was legally owned, with registration and paperwork present and in order. Authorities seized the animal anyway, as shipping an animal in the mail with no food, water, adequate ventilation or medical attention is abuse. 

Twitters collective response was confusion, anger, and pride for the police pup:

Cat puns? Cat puns. 

H/T: Twitter