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Zendaya Revealed She Has A 'Coloring Station' At Home To Help Her Deal With Stress
2 months ago

We all need to unwind, and with the recent explosion of coloring books for adults and the recognition of coloring's health benefits, more people with driver's licenses are picking up the hobby. The results for Google's predictive search is telling, even if they include almost our entire life span. (Poor newborns can't get their internet use together enough for even a mention). 

Actress Zendaya is a dedicated colorist. She tweeted a shot of a well-stocked cubby that she calls a coloring station:

Smart move. Coloring, according to actual brain scientists, relaxes the amygdala (which, among other things, generates fear) and stimulates the frontal lobe (which, among other things, governs focus). Carl Jung used to prescribe coloring to his patients 100 years ago. There is precedent.

Zendaya's fans were quick to celebrate their shared hobby:

And they'd like an invite to her coloring corner:

A bit on the aggressive side, though she can always retreat to the coloring station to work out any overzealous fan-related stress.

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