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People Are Really Angry That Amy Adams Has Never Won An Oscar
2 months ago

Awards shows can be frustrating affairs. Art is generally not quantifiable, but the Oscars and the Golden Globes and the rest of them would like us to believe that it's possible to declare that one movie or performer or performance was The Best. But where sports have math to help us make these kinds of determinations, the Oscars have the Academy, a group of voters who at last count were 94% white, 76% men, and an average of 63 years old.

There are oftentimes glaring oversights, recently illustrated in a single tweet:

Seriously, though. Amy Adams is amazing in everything. In response, her fans launched into a highly coordinated Airing of Grievances:

We often hear, "I'd like to thank the Academy," but this crowd would like to throw shade at the Academy:

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