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Jeff Greenberg via Getty Images
An Art Teacher Told His Student To 'Dial Down The Feminism'—And She Ran With It
2 months ago

A U.K. art teacher told a student, Alex Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes, to "dial down the feminism," so she got to work and sent him a new piece in response.

She shared her creation on Twitter:

The piece shows a dial cranked up to RAGING FEMINIST. Bertulis-Fernandes labeled the lowest setting COMPLICIT IN MY OWN DEHUMANISATION. 

There's no word yet on what the teacher's response was, but Twitter users gave it an A+:

Of course it wouldn't be a proper discussion of feminism without men chiming in to 'splain some things:

That thread went on for a while, so some other guys gave us their own perspectives:

But enough of that! People related to Bertulis-Fernandes' frustration with her teacher:

And they appreciated her subtle genius enough to request prints:

 Bertulis-Fernandes responded that she's looking for a way to make prints available, so hang tight!

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