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People Have A Convincing Theory That Kylie Jenner's Baby Is Basically Named 'Butterfly'

Kylie Jenner announced that she gave birth to a baby girl earlier this week, a long-awaited announcement after a whole nine months of fans speculating about her unconfirmed pregnancy. But she left out some critical info in her initial social media post, including the baby's name. So some sleuthing fans took to Kylie's social media and pregnancy video to gather clues as to what the name of her first child could be. What did they come up with?

Fans are pretty sure Kylie named her daughter Mariposa or Posie.

Mariposa means "butterfly" in Spanish, and butterflies have been a common theme throughout her hidden pregnancy.

Other fans were sold on the idea that Kylie and Travis named her Butterfly:

Not everyone was into the potential name...

Rather unusual, but nothing new for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. North, Dream, and Reign are also nontraditional baby names. 

Soooo, it might not be Mariposa, Posie, or Butterfly, but Kylie did pick a unique name: Stormi! 

Stormi Webster has the surname of her father, Travis Scott, a.k.a. Jacques Webster:

So, turns out we were all wrong:

And the family continues to grow their weather forecast of next-gen Kardashian-Jenner-Websters:

Welcome to the world, Stormi! We predict you will enjoy quite the impressive makeup collection someday.

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