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Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images
East Coast Tsunami Warning Was Actually Just A Test—And Here We Go Again

On Tuesday morning residents of the East Coast got an unpleasant surprise on their smartphones: a tsunami warning from the National Weather Service. There was just one tiny problem. The word "test" didn't appear in any of the text warnings. In what we can only imagine was a fit of mild panic tempered by healthy skepticism, people took to social media, where they learned there was no tsunami headed for the East Coast and that the "warning" had been a "test."

We can safely say someone at the National Weather Service failed that test.

Though numerous news stations and weather services tweeted corrections, some people were still scared... or at least really confused:

People were quick to point out Hawaii just had a false warning about a missile strike. Coincidence?

And now folks are saying it happened in Houston, too:

What is happening around here? People are starting to get paranoid:

H/T: Uproxx