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Photo by Matthew Chattle/Barcroft Images/Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Man Found Guilty For Plotting Deadly Terror Attack At Gay Pride Event
3 months ago

Ethan Stables, 20, was arrested June 23, 2017, as he made his way to the New Empire Pub in the North West England county of Cumbria. According to a tip police received at the time, Stables was "going to war" and planning on killing an unknown number of people at a gay pride event. Although Stables was unarmed when the police picked him up, they did find a machete and an ax at his home.

Prosecutors presented a video to the jury that showed a burning rainbow flag, with Stables saying, "Gays look nicer on fire." During the trial Stables said that he was bisexual while the prosecutor, Jonathan Sandiford, said that Stables supported homophobic, racist, and Nazi views online. There are photos of a Swastika flag in Stables home. He is photographed standing in front of it.

After a two-week trial the jury returned with a unanimous guilty verdict. The sentencing hearing is on Wednesday.

People were happy to see justice served: