Kylie Jenner's Friends Are Now Posting Photos Of Her When She Was Pregnant

Kylie Jenner's Friends Are Now Posting Photos Of Her When She Was Pregnant
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Updated 5 months ago

Kylie Jenner managed to successfully hide images of her pregnancy until she was ready to share them with the world. For such a high-profile figure, that's practically a miracle. While the internet stewed, shared theories, got frustrated, and eventually even got a little bit mad at the lack of confirmation, Kylie and her friends and family kept things relatively quiet, as she wished. 

In fact, there was never an official confirmation of her pregnancy until Kylie herself tweeted about the February 1st birth of her daughter with boyfriend Travis Scott:

And remarkably, no pictures were leaked of Kylie pregnant, so now that baby Stormi is here, Kylie has given her friends her permission to share photos of her during the pregnancy. 

They. Are. Adorable. 

Khloé even got in on the act and shared this adorable throwback shot of sisterly baby bumps.

Caitlyn Jenner threw it waaaaaaaaay back, sharing a baby pic of Kylie along with a note that made us a little misty-eyed.

Pictures from friends and family aren't the only things making waves. Kylie released an 11-minute video to her daughter that chronicled her pregnancy. 

That video has people swooning... and possibly considering a new career move for the starlet.

Kylie's friends are #SquadGoals.

Congrats on the new baby and the loyal friends, Kylie!

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