Londoners Share Their Trips Through Muslim 'No Go Zones' To Point Out Conservative Bias

Londoners Share Their Trips Through Muslim 'No Go Zones' To Point Out Conservative Bias
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Updated 5 months ago

In the aftermath of a string of terrorist attacks that have gripped London in recent months, some far-right politicians have attempted played on the public's fears by declaring various areas of the city as "off-limits" to non-Muslims. Britain First, one of these far-right groups has declared these so-called Muslim strongholds as "no go zones," claiming that Sharia Law is being strictly enforced by the extremists who operate there.

In response, two men decided to challenge the claims that these neighborhoods are not safe for non-Muslim people to go.

How, you may ask? By simply going to these areas and seeing for themselves.

First up was Dan Kaszeta, a security specialist who decided to document his day touring the "no go zone" of East London-Tower Hamlets. 

Remember, no one who is not of Muslim faith, not even the police, dare to come into these areas. Or so claims the far-right. 

Not exactly what anyone would call scary. 

Hmm. It certainly looks like a regular ol' neighborhood with people living regular lives. Perhaps they're the exception to the rule.

Let's see if writer Mike Stuchbery can uncover the scary underbelly of another "no go zone" in the streets of Bury Park, Luton:

This is about as exciting as the last guy's journey. 

At this point, Stuchbery has had enough and comes to a decisive conclusion:

That's it. That's all that happened. Two men went for a walk in two different "no go zones" and discovered normal people living normal lives. Shocking, right?

It looks like the conservative alt-right is going to have to come up with new scare tactics. 

H/T: Indy100