Illinois Representative Slammed For Political Ad Mocking Feminists And Transgender Community

Illinois Representative Slammed For Political Ad Mocking Feminists And Transgender Community
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Updated 6 months ago

Dear Illinois, 

Can you please get your political scene together? Please? The rest of us are counting on you. We cringed when you let a Holocaust denier who celebrates Hitler's birthday run unopposed by any other Republican for a congressional seat. But we assumed it was a flub, a blip on the radar, maybe all the other Republicans were sick that day? 

Then we heard about Jeanne Ives. Our first question was "Who?" so we checked Getty for images to use in this article, and they didn't have any, sooo...

Off to Twitter we went to see what we could learn about Ives before we judged anything we read about her. We had heard she put out a video spot that was just terribly offensive and hatefully mocking to a wide variety of people, but we refused to pass judgment until we saw it ourselves. Things could be taken out of context, right? Turns out, no. No, not really. 

It's as bad as we heard. We hate giving it more views, but it's important to share. So take some cleansing breaths cause here we go. 

Yeah, we know. The video made its way to Twitter, where people had some pretty strong opinions on it, and on Ives. 

Put in the simplest terms, lots of people are like: 

But there are actually people who think this ad is great:

They don't seem to mind that Ives is taking donations from out-and-proud racists. Or retweeting them. Or later trying to hide those things.

So, we have to ask, what is going on over there, Illinois? Why are such blatantly hateful people getting nods all over the place? And don't sit there and tell us it's just local government and nobody is actually supporting.

We have the receipts: 

Come on, Illinois. Get it together. There are plenty of Republicans out there who want to do good work for all people, we promise. Can you guys please find them and get them on the ballots? Seriously. We believe in you. 


The Rest Of The Nation.

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