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Donald Trump Jr. Compares Russia Investigation To 'McCarthyism'—And Gets Dragged On Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. Compares Russia Investigation To 'McCarthyism'—And Gets Dragged On Twitter
Updated 4 months ago

In an interview with Jesse Watters from Fox News on Saturday, February 3, Donald Trump Jr. commented on the supposed irony of Democrats accusing anyone of McCarthyism:

You see the Democratic senators [saying] 'This is McCarthyism.' I’m like what? You have a guy screaming, 'Russia, Russia, Russia' with no evidence. All this shade for 18 months, screaming about McCarthyism. I mean the irony is ridiculous at this point.

Twitter didn't seem to agree with Trump Jr. In fact, they thought the statement was pretty ill-informed (to put it mildly).

Junior continued to bash the left during the interview, referring to liberals in Congress as "commies":

The problem is rather than being reasonable and coming to the table, they forced themselves further, and further and further left. I mean, they are left of commie right now, and that's a real problem for them and I don't think that's where America was [during the 2016 election.]

Once again, Twitter brought up a couple concerns with Trump's argument:

Trump Jr. also commented on the recently released House Intelligence Committee memo. 

He claims it has vindicated his family from any further suspicion:

There is a little bit of sweet revenge in it for me and certainly probably the family in a sense that if they wouldn't have done this, this stuff would be going on. This would be going on at the highest levels of government. They'd be continuing doing it to my father, trying to undermine his actions.

It seems there's a slight disconnect between what Donald Trump Jr. is saying and the factual truth. Twitter users called him out on it, but Fox News host Jesse Watters seemed to agree with everything Trump Jr. put out there. 

You can watch segments of their interview here:

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