Confidential Super Bowl Anti-Terror Attack Document Found On Airplane

Confidential Super Bowl Anti-Terror Attack Document Found On Airplane
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5 months ago

CNN is reporting  that one of their employees discovered official documents from The Department of Homeland Security in the seat-back of a commercial airline. The official documents, dated December 2017, were marked "For Offical Use Only" and "Important for National Security," and were covering security measures to take place before the Superbowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

CNN didn't say how the employee stumbled upon the documents but did reveal that along with the report other DHS material were found along with a boarding pass and travel itinerary of a government scientist in charge of BioWatch. It is said that BioWatch, a DHS program was running drills in case of an anthrax attack.

Although the documents were found well ahead of the Super Bowl, CNN delayed reporting about the breach, saying:  

CNN decided to withhold publication of this article until after the Super Bowl after government officials voiced concerns that publishing it prior to the game could jeopardize security for the event. A DHS official told CNN that areas for improvement identified in the draft reports had been addressed prior to Sunday’s game and that the agency had ‘great confidence’ in its preparedness.CNN said that DHS officials also argued that disclosure of some material contained in the draft reports could threaten national security, regardless of when it was published. 
Based on that concern, CNN is withholding some details contained in the documents.

No major incidents at the Super Bowl were reported. 

People had questions about how the documents were found. 

But where to place the blame? 

There were many doubters until Homeland Security came forward and confirmed the story was true. 

But even when given this information, they still wouldn't believe it. 

At this point were not sure what is going on and were not convinced the White House does either.