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Brett Carlson/Getty Images
Why Do We Depend On Groundhogs To Help Us Predict The Weather?

We all trust Punxsutawney Phil implicitly. It's what we've been taught to do. If you want to know what the weather's going to be like in February and March, you check the groundhog! It's just common sense. But have you ever wondered WHY we check the groundhog?

It turns out there's actually a lot of history to the Groundhog Ceremony!

Perhaps we shouldn't have been trusting shadows to predict the weather?

Or perhaps we're just salty because of Phil's prediction.

Perhaps a badger would have made a more welcome prediction.

Perhaps we should look on the bright side. Six weeks is a lot shorter than eternity.

Ultimately, however, it's no use to fight our groundhog masters. They demand 6 more weeks of winter, and they shall have it! 

All hail, Phil! All hail, Punxsutawney!

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