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Chrissy Teigen Told Panera To Rename Their Soup, And Panera Just Responded

Model, author, and social media maven Chrissy Teigen has her opinions about food and she's not holding back. Pregnant with her second child with John Legend, Teigen has also published a number of cookbooks and is known for posting new recipes to Instagram. So when Good Morning America covered a story about Panera Bread calling out competitors for disingenuously using the word "egg," it came as no surprise that Teigen would have an opinion. 

Teigen also threw out a suggestion: Panera should name its broccoli soup "delicious cream times." 

Panera noticed Teigen's tweet and took no time in responding:

Not only did Panera like Teigen's suggestion, they actually did it. Teigen had the tweets to prove it:

And Twitter users loved the outcome:

People starting making their own suggestions, and Panera was on hand to weigh in:

The suggestions kept rolling in...

And all bowed down to Teigen and her social media powers:

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