Ellen DeGeneres Got A Birthday Gift From Her Wife—And It Was Too Much For Her

Ellen DeGeneres Got A Birthday Gift From Her Wife—And It Was Too Much For Her
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6 months ago

To celebrate her 60th birthday, Ellen DeGeneres filmed a special episode of The Ellen Show. It was a star-studded affair with appearances by some of Ellen's friends, including Kevin Hart, Channing Tatum, Kristen Bell, and Jamie Foxx. But the pinnacle moment was when surprise guest Portia de Rossi (Ellen's wife), brought her to tears with the birthday gift of a lifetime.

Portia prefaced the gift:

This gift had to be really special, and it had to represent who you are and what you really care about – not just now, but what you've always cared about.

Throughout the years, when asked who she'd most like to interview (alive or dead), Ellen would always respond with her childhood idol, Dian Fossey. Unfortunately, the great conservationist who studied mountain gorillas in central Africa, penned a famous book about them, Gorillas in the Mist, and established the Dian Fossey Fund to help protect them from extinction, was murdered in 1985.

But now, through Portia's gift, Ellen can make her own contribution to Fossey's work with The Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda. 

Ellen was deeply touched:

It's the best gift.When we got married, Portia's line was, 'It's good to be loved, [but] it's profound to be understood.'She understands me, because that is the best gift that anybody could have given me.

What's more, Portia set up a foundation called the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. The center in Rwanda is just the first initiative. The fund functions as a platform from which Ellen can expand her conservation efforts to include other endangered species across the globe.

Needless to say, viewers were also moved to tears: 

They were also inspired:


The Fossey Gorilla Fund thanked Ellen for her contribution:

And everyone wanted to wish Ellen a happy birthday: