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Wolfgang Kaehler/Getty Images
60,000 Mayan Ruins Were Just Found, All Thanks To Science And Lasers

We haven't yet discovered all our planet's secrets! In the jungles of Guatemala, for instance, the dense foliage hides innumerable mysteries from our prying eyes. Fortunately, science is helping us discover what we couldn't on our own. Using new laser technology to see beneath the otherwise impenetrable canopy, researchers surveying the Guatemalan forests managed to find a previously unknown, ancient Mayan city.

So. Cool.

Researchers believe millions of Mayans once lived within the 60,000 ruins buried deep in the forest.

This discovery is BIG, literally and figuratively.

The laser technology the researchers used is called LiDAR, and it's a pretty big deal in the world of archaeology.

Technology is helping us learn many things about our past, and to correct misconceptions we've long held:

It seems the past holds as many mysteries as the Guatemalan jungles. With the help of new techniques, we may be able to solve some of them.

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