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Kim Kardashian Just Said She's Sending Her Haters Valentine's Day Gifts
3 months ago

Kim Kardashian is releasing some new fragrances (they have some of the largest profit margins of any product) and what better way to advertise their release than to get celebrity friends to talk about them on social media? Kim's "Kimoji Hearts" perfumes are still unknown to us, but she's taken to sending her friends and confidants special candy-heart-boxed publicity packages to celebrate.

Here, watch Paris Hilton break one open with a tiny wooden hammer built for that purpose and try not to feel something.

It's all well and good to send these gifts to friends who wish you well and will help publicize your efforts (in the hopes that you'll help them publicise their perfume lines). But Kim Kardashian wanted to go passive-aggressive this year.

So she made a list of VIPs with whom she's had a beef — and fired off fragrances to them.

Kim explained that both supporters and "haters" would be receiving the gifts, and there was no particular meaning behind which person got which fragrance.

Because, you know, that would be crossing some kind of line. 

Still, though. Keeping a running list of your enemies is a total Nixon move, and it's unlikely that detractors like Chloe Grace Moretz are going to create an unboxing video.

But a short film about throwing an expensive hate gift into the garbage would be awesome.

Her fans were on board. But publicly flying the passive-aggressive flag isn't a universally beloved move. 

May all your attempts to destroy other people end up smelling so nice. Presumably.

H/T: Mashable