Comedian Dan Harmon Uses Twitter To Reunite Lost Drone With Its Owner

Comedian Dan Harmon Uses Twitter To Reunite Lost Drone With Its Owner
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5 months ago

Don't you hate it when you lose your drone? Or even worse, find one in your yard and feel either super paranoid or responsible for returning it to its rightful owner? Or maybe a little of both? Considering how popular drones are these days, it's bound to happen sooner or later.

On Tuesday comedian Dan Harmon tweeted a plea for help in solving a mystery:

He also added:

Twitter user Amy Scarlata just happened to know Harmon lived in her Los Angeles neighborhood. When she saw his tweet, Scarlata stepped up and offered to help solve the mystery. 

It turns out she'd seen a sign about a missing drone and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together:

Twitter agreed about the satisfaction of finding the owner:

They also had a little fun with the scenario while waiting for news:

These seem like legit concerns, to be honest:

While people fretted on Twitter, Scarlata got down to business. The amateur sleuth turned to community message board and began scrolling through the posts. And sure enough — she found a message about a lost drone in the area. 

Scarlatta contacted the person about Harmon's tweet and the rest is history:

It was the correct drone and the rightful owner, but the story couldn't end there:

And the owner was...

Aw, how sweet.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter