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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
New Monopoly Game Encourages Cheating—And You Thought It Was Bad Before
3 months ago

Anyone who has ever played the game of Monopoly with an older sibling knows the game based around capitalism is a cheaters paradise. The makers of the game, Hasbro, have finally embraced cheaters everywhere and released a special edition just for them.

 The Cheater's Edition will be released this fall and will include, 15 cheat cards that will include tasks such as  stealing from the bank, putting extra hotels on your property, shorting other players on payments, moving other players pieces on the board and collecting rent on property you don't own.  

There were some immediate associations with the White House. 

Not everyone was thinking about politics, some just couldn't wait to start playing. 

Folks prepared for the family brawls. 

The accusations were already flying. 

And some confessions. 

The new edition comes out just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas brawls. Let's the games begin!