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Australians Are Actually Mad That A Ferry Was Named Ferry McFerryface—And We Give Up
3 months ago

There was a time, eons ago (last year), when the public would have been delighted to name a new ferry "Ferry McFerryface." That time, however, has passed. A competition was held in Sydney, Australia to determine the name of a new ferry. After the polls closed, Ferry McFerryface was declared the winner, but local 9News revealed that this was not the winning name - the public's choice had been ignored! Politician Andrew Constance has been accused of deciding the name for himself after holding the poll, though he denies this.

The government payed quite a bit of money for the competition - and the "winning" name wasn't even eligible!

Fortunately, this isn't over yet...

The whims of the people are a fickle thing!

Constance issued a statement to explain himself.

Soon enough, it seems the ferry will have a new name...

There's nothing quite like a healthy dose of ferry-related drama.

Australians can't wait for the name to be changed, but are handling the situation with their typical good-humor. It's only a matter of time before Ferry McFerryface is no more!