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Beyoncé Was Late For The Grammys—And Twitter Has Theories About Why

Queen Bey rolled in to the Grammys after half the program had happened.

It's a move that not a lot of people can pull off without an eyeroll cascade as a backlash. 

As to why she did so, people have a particular idea. 

The cornrows that she was rocking beneath that epic hat are known to take between two to six hours to put together, so it's entirely possible that her stylist undershot the amount of necessary time. Not that Beyoncé was at all visibly bothered by her tardiness, and indeed some folks seem to think this is a shot of her own at the Grammys for how things went last year.

Then, of course, when people noticed her hair, most of the internet got their hopes up. 

Sadly, we weren't blessed with a performance this year, but her Black Panther inspired outfit and her boss tardiness kept her squarely in the public imagination. 

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Reign on, Queen.

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