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Game Of Thrones' Star Has A Theory About Bran—And It Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense
4 months ago

Thomas Brodie-Sangster played the wise-for-his-years and somewhat irritating Jojen Reed on HBO's megahitt series Game of Thrones - that is, until a run in with White Walkers made him a little less....well, alive. Huffpost sat down with Brodie-Sangster to discuss his upcoming film, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and also managed to pry out some details about Jojen's former traveling companion, Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright). Though the Three-Eyed Raven can see secrets hidden hundreds of miles away, we normal humans sadly need all the help we can get, so any clues about future GoT plot-lines are much appreciated.

When asked whether he had heard from the GoT show-runners about Jojen making appearance in an upcoming episode, Brodie-Sangster responded:

No, I never have. I quite like the idea of that as well, like kind of come back like an Obi-Wan spirit, kind of cool. No, I haven’t heard anything from HBO.

It looks like Jojen is gone for good. But that didn't stop Brodie-Sangster from sharing his theories on Bran's future! Apparently he loves the notion that the old Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow) is actually Bran from the future.

There are several clues from within the show which could be setting up for this to be true. In season 6, the older Raven tells Bran that it's time “to become me.” Later, when Sansa says "I thought you were the Three-Eyed Raven," in season 7, Bran responds with a cryptic "It’s difficult to explain."

And let's not forget the way Jojen introduced himself - by telling Bran "the Raven is you," (a strange and very specific word choice).

Brodie-Sangster elaborated on the "Three-Eyed Raven is Future Bran" theory:

Yeah, I kind of went with that one. I like the theory of multiverses and different parallel universes working together in time. I just quite like that theory. I went with that and like the idea of that.

Though he supports the theory, he was also wary that time-travel could turn off some fans.

You got to be careful you don’t lose people ― what people love about a certain show. But, like I said, I like all that.

Fortunately, fans will have PLENTY of time to ponder and bicker over what the future may hold - the next season of Game of Thrones doesn't premiere until 2019.

Mark your calendars!