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Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia
Shopper Claims Walmart Only Locks Up African-American Products—And Ignites Twitter Debate

A California woman is suing Walmart for what she believes to be a racist practice. Essie Grundy was shopping at her local Walmart when she noticed that only certain products were locked behind glass. Grundy said she spoke with manager of the store about the policy and asked that it be changed, but the request was refused. 

Grundy said in a press conference she held with lawyer Gloria Allred:

I noticed all of the African American products was locked up under lock and key.

Grundy recorded the incident on her phone, later posting it online and sparking a firestorm of debate on Twitter.  

Walmart released a statement in response to the allegations. 

Some Twitter users agreed with Grundy that the practice was targeted and discriminatory. 

Though many other believed the allegations were frivolous. 

And many agreed with Walmart's reasoning behind locking up specific products. 

Either way, this should be one case worth following.